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7:07 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

Cash Transfer

The Union Government formulated a novel scheme to give subsidies to actual users of the government subsidy facilities. The amount of the subsidies will be paid in their back accounts. The opponents of the schemes are opposing as it being a political move in view of upcoming Lok Sabha election of 2014. The another criticism is of its being unpracticable.

All the Cabinet decisions of the state or Central governments in law and constitution are considered as political decision. But those who are using it as some unlawful or unethical themselves leveling it with political motive. The government is providing Rs 320 per LPG cylinder. An average family of 5 persons on an average requires one cylinder in a month. But it s mostly being by hotels and cars. They consume many cylinders in a day alone.

The highly subsidised kerosene is also being diverted to hotel, petrol pumps for adulterations in petrol, diesel, and truck-bus transporters. The commercial grade LPG cylinders costing more than the domestic cylinders are rarely used. IN raids on hotels such domestic cylinder are found their in all most all the hotels.

There is a gross misuse of subsidies in the public distribution also. The quality food grains are sold out in open market in black and replaced with inferior and spoiled grains all supplied to the weaker section of the people. To regulate the all type of subsidies payments the government has rightly decided it pay it direct to users. In India elections to state assemblies are held in this or that state all the time. Its code of conduct in applicable to perticular state government and on political parties. It has no all India application. The Central government can not announce a new scheme only when Lok Sabha elections are declared and code of conduct applied on whole of India. Otherwise state assemblies elections going on all the time the central government can not function at any time. Being parliamentary democracy elections are always there, that does not mean government should not function as an executive of the nation. The cash transfer is a very nice and necessary schems. It will improve the economy of the nation by sharp reduction in the fiscal deficit.

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