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11:08 am - Sunday February 1, 2015

BJP will bring back black cash in 100 days: Rajnath

rajnathAgencies, Thane
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Rajnath Singh tody declared that if his party returns to power at Centre, they will bring back the black money stashed abroad within a period of one hundred days.

“I am sure we will surely come to power. We will bring back the funds (black money) from foreign banks within a period of one hundred days,” he said while addressing an election campaign rally for BJP-Shiv Sena-RPI combine candidate Chintaman Wanga from the Palghar Lok Sabha constituency at Nalla Sopara in the district tonight.

Mr Singh hit hard on the Congress for having created anarchy in the country during its regin and asked the voters to throw out the party for allegedly not caring for the wellbeing of the citizens of the country.

“We will bring in several reforms in the country that will be of importance to the citizens of the country and not just a few handful,” he said.
He also said after coming to power, his party will set up a National Fishermen’s Commission for the sake of the fishermen OF the country.

“I have toured the entire country and have seen an overwhelming support for the party’s candidate Narendra Modi to become the prime minister as the citizens of the country want a change for better, and we not only want to come to power but want to change the country’s face,” he  said.

“Within the coming ten years, we want the country to be not only an economically powerful country but also spiritually (Jagatguru) powerful one in the  world,” he  declared.

He also referred to the writings in the book by Prime Minister’s media adviser Sanjay Barua and sought an explainantion from the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi on the same.

He said, “We not just want the country to be free from Congress rule but also want total reforms in the country.”

Prominent among those present for the meeting included BJP state unit chief Devendra Fadnavis, Leader of the Opposition Vinod Tawde, National Council member of the party Om Prakash Sharma, Shiv Sena deputy leader and MLA Vivek Pandit.

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