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9:19 am - Sunday March 18, 2018

Bhopal glows with Jheel Mahotsava

Around 400 folk and tribal artists arrived from all over the country to participate Jheel Mahotsav presented various folk and tribal dances on Mobile Stages today on the concluding day on 16th February, 2016 at various locations of the city including Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, Bhopal Railway Station, Central Library, Neelam Park, Roshanpura Sqaure, Lilita Nagar, Bima Kunj, Manisha Market, Depo Circle, Machli Ghar etc. In these performances the dance troupes arrived from states Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tripura, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Goa, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashta mesmerised one and all with their aesthetic and ever charming folk and dances.

In today’s presentations of these dances, dance troupe from Madhya Pradesh rendered Baiga tribal dance, Korku Thatiya dance, Bhil-Bhagoriya dance and Gond tribal dance. All Gonds are very fond of dancing. It is the great amusement of the people. Night after night in the eastern tracts in the cool, moon-lit nights of the hot weather,the rhythmic lilt of a Gondi chorus fills the air, as the villagers dance round a fire in some open space near the hamlet. The favourite dance is a peculiar rippling step forward with the foot dragged, not very graceful when done by a single individual, but looking quite different when done in unison by a great circle of dancers singing a ‘re-la’, ‘re-la’, chorus to which the step keeps time. In some villages, where the headman is an enthusiast for the pastime, a trained band performs weird and wonderful step dances to the sound of the drum. At a big dance, the trained band occupies the inner ring round the fire, while the common folk, men and maids, in separate rings move round in great circles in opposite ways. All are dressed for the occasion in their best, bearing in their hands weird ornaments of wicker work, with garlands of flowers on their necks and in their hair, feather ornaments humorously or coquettishly placed. Men and women ordinarily dance in separate circles but in the dances where the young men choose their brides, they dance in couples.

A 15 artists group from Gujarat presented Siddi Dhamal tribal dance. Siddi Dhamal popularly known as Dhamal, is a unique dance form of Siddi community of Gujarat. Earlier, this dance was limited to the tribals and locals of Gujarat, but today, Dhamal is known the world over. The cultural heritage of Siddis dates back to almost 300 years. Their dance and music are quite exquisite. Dhamal is one such dance form that reflects the Siddis passion for hunting. In the olden days this dance was performed by Siddis after returning from a successful hunting expedition.  During the reign of kings, Dhamal was the main source of entertainment for rulers. An action-filled, the dancers are sometimes seen throwing coconuts in the air which fall on their heads and get broken into bits and pieces. Siddis, known for their physical strength and loyalty, are proud of their cultural heritage and participate in the dance as and when they get an opportunity.

In addition to this troupe from Rajasthan presented Kalbelia dance, troupe from Tripura presented Hojagiri dance, troupe from Chhattisgarh presented Muria tribal dance, troupe from Karnataka presented Dhulu Kunetha dance, troupe from Goa presented Taalgadi dance, troupe from Nagaland presented Naga tribal dance, troupe from from Andhra Pradesh presented Mathuri dance, troupe from Odisha presented Karma dance and dance from Maharashtra presented Koli dance.


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