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1:34 pm - Friday March 24, 2017

Bal Thakre

Mr.Bal Thakre was established  of Maharashtra begins his politics on region and Marathi language. But on the issue of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh and his opposition to cricket match between India-Pakistan he fork up  national issues also with his firm in Hindustan. He resented influx of Tamils and North Indians. Mostly from UP and Bihar into Mumbai. He propagated his view with threatening postures. In his death a unique leader of its kind has passed away.

With the formation linguistic states and weakening of national level political parties regional parties, regional leaders are coming forward on almost all the states the national parties like Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party have become federations of parties with frequent change in the alignment as suitable to regional leaders and parties in the given situations.
But Balasahab Thakre despite being a very strong regional level strictly kept away and aloof from power parties but never from the political.

A rebel saffron clothes and he was a political ‘Sanyasi’ but he never taken ‘Sanyas’ from politics. He always remained a most active politician till last.
Even his last video address at the Shivaji Park party annual rally his speech was political. He assailed Congress and asked people to oust it. But due to failing dealth for the first time he not physically present at the Dusshera Rally annual ritual of his Shiv Sena. But somehow he was aware of his incoming death. He asked partymen to his Son Udhav and grand son Aditya his successors in the leading the Shiv Sena.

In a vast country like India national level political is a very difficult task. It require a national stature and a national organization acceptable to all the people of different languages, regions and religion. The last movement on the national cause of national level was that of Mr.Jaya Prakash Narain against the imposition of emergency by the Prime Minister  Mrs.Indira Gandhi. But Mr.Jaya Prakash Narain was product of freedom struggle and leader of national statures.

He could have become Prime Minister but he never assured any office in life. But regional leaders like Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu, NT Rama Rao of Telugu Desam, Naveen Patnaik of Odisha  and Bal Thakre of Maharashtra are or were leaders of their states only on the basis regional aspiration of the people.
But Mr.Balasahab Thakre was a different type of leader who never contested any election or sought power by joining ministries in state or at Centre. Once his Shiv Sena was in power in Maharashtra and he could have been Chief Minister easily. The country has lost a political Sanyasi.


Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

Posted in: Editorial

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