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5:52 am - Thursday March 23, 2017

Baba Forgoes Fast

Like Anna Hazare Baba Ramdev also forgave the tactics of Fast as method of agitation. Anna and his team went on indefinite fast on Lokpal. But somehow under the prevailing circumstances they realized the futility and gave it up. As an alternative they adopted political way by forming a political party to capture power and realize their goals and objectives.

While switching over to politics Anna assailed all the political parties inside the Parliament for having unity of purpose on two counts (1) not to pass Lokpal Bill and (2) enhance their own salaries to fullest extent. On such note he declared his decision from his own political party and to contest 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
Similarly Baba Ramdev has also decided to forgo the fast method on the issue of black money. He claimed support of all non-Congress parties to his agitation and declared his intention to form a joint alliance of such parties to oppose the Congress in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.
The approaches of Anna and Baba are wide apart. While Anna is opposed to all the political parties and will form his own, Baba Ramdev will hob-nob with all anti-Congress parties by forming a joint front to contest in next Lok Sabha polls.
Earlier in the decade of 1960 Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia launched a movement known as “S.V.D.” to oust the Congress from power. He achieved success in many states and going ahead with it. But his untimely death the SVD movement also died and Congress returned to power wherever it lost to SVD.
In the decade of 1970 Shri Jaya Prakash Narain formed Janata Party with the amalgamation of parties opposed to Congress and sweeped it out of power. But he too died in the early years of Janata rule and Janata Governments from Centre to state collapsed. This time also the Congress staged a grand come back.
Both Lohia and JP were among top leaders of freedom movement of eminence and mass following. Anna and Baba are novice in politics entered into it from social service and yoga teachings. Politics is not an ordinary layman job.
It is intricate public affair of governance. In the coming Lok Sabha elections both Anna and Baba have to prove their political merit and success in the elections.
It is difficult to comprehend that established political parties like BJP, JDU, Biju Janata Dal, Anna DMK, Karuna DMK, NCP, Shiv Sena, Left Parties, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party etc. will come together to form a political alliance as Third Front under the leadership of the Baba Ramdev.


Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

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