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1:27 pm - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Assault on Naxals

In a special CRPF “Operation Prahar” against Naxal infested Sukma district about 30 Naxals were gunned down; 10 injured and 3 CRPF jawan were also killed. The three-day operation started on June 23 and ended on 25. But the balance sheet is still tilting towards Naxals. In the past in one of their attack the Naxals killed 76 CRPF jawan in a blast on another such attack 26 CRPF jawan were killed.

In this problem numbers do not count or lead to any conclusion towards the final solution of the problem. The ‘Prahar’ type operation was only for three days, while such operation should continue till the final elimination of Naxal in their entire areas of operation called ‘Red Corridor’ spread out in 7 states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.

They infiltrating in Madhya Pradesh for some other purpose of making arms at a factory set in Bhopal, they are active in Balaghat district. The CRPF is Central Government Armed Police should formulate joint assault by the Central Organization CRPF and Armed Police of 7 states. The Naxals are parallel Government in the corridor and none can operate their business there without paying them protection money.

Essar of Ruia group are carrying out mining of iron ore in the Chhattisgarh area and were caught paying protection money of Rs.16 lakh regularly to Naxals. With the exposure of such deed of coercion the Government stopped by taking action against Ruia firm for funding the Naxal. Now such ransom payment is stopped but the Government could not provide protection to Essar to carryout business. The Naxals blew up 16 iron ore loaded trucks of Essar company. In Sri Lanka likewise Naxals the LTTE carried armed insurgency for 26 years.

They were virtual Government in the Northern Sri Lanka ultimately the Lankan President Mr.Mahinda Rajpakshe decided to wipe out the LTE in one final military action. Now the Tamils themselves are living peacefully as a lawful citizens. In Naxal areas people are not their supporters but under terror they are with them as they are the only effective authority there.

The CRPF should launch “Operation Final” in the entire 7 state Red Corridor to eliminate the Naxals. The Government forces were deployed for action only when there as some attack from Naxals. Now the Government and the police forces should decide the action on their initiative and wipe out Naxals like LTTE in Lanka. The Naxals menace started in 1962 and still continuing to this day. How long it will take the time to act decisively.

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