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8:56 am - Wednesday January 24, 2018


Shashikant Saxena,  Astro-Numerologist



Expansion drive is likely to bring positive results. For sake of family’s happiness, keep a firm control over tongue. Avoid hasty investment. You may be mesmerized by bewitching beauty of partner. Marriage proposal for eligible cannot be ruled out. Lucky Number: 2 LuckyColour: White


Challenging situations at workplace will motivate to sharpen skills today. Motivate children to involve themselves in extracurricular activities. You are likely to invest on new financially viable projects. A boring romance could upset you. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown


Maintaining transparency in decision-making at workplace boosts growth. Unnecessary indilgence in spouses’ affairs could lead to a quarrel. Expenditure rises but increased income will help with bills. Surprises gift to partner would infuse a new spirit in romance. Lucky Number: 5 LuckyColour: Turquoise


Train yourself to acquire latest technical skills to enhance career prospects. A surprise gift to parents infuses a new life on family front. Dedication brings profits from unplanned sources. Expressing romantic feelings would infuse a new spirit in love. Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Colour: Bottle Green


A sudden flow of superior talent at workplace will make it competitive. All marital hurdles are likely to disappear. Unexpected travel for some proves hectic but rewarding. Keep partner’s happiness at the forefront to enjoy the ecstasies of romantic life. Lucky Number: 3 LuckyColour: Beige


Youwill get good opportunities to make better use of professional experience. Take suggestions of family if planning to change interior design of house. You are likely to generate additional source of income. Little setback in budding romantic affair sadden you. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Parrot Green


Bring professional management to enhance business horizons. You are likely to face testing times at home. Long-awaited financial deal could materialize today. A tactical handling would save romantic relationship. Don’t take any chances on road today. Lucky Number: 6 LuckyColour: Rosy Brown


You go through a rigorous selection process on professional front. Unexpected news at family front could surprise. You find yourself in exciting situation, bringing gains. Don’t find allow dullness to prevent you from enjoying romantic front today. Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colours: Magenta


You are likely to be bogged down by professional obstacles. Daughter is likely to recover from prolong illness. Investing money in balance schemes help satisfy financial expectation. Sharp thinking and timely action would save love life from doom. Lucky Number: 7 LuckyColour: White

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