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12:44 pm - Thursday February 22, 2018

Air Services

The prestigious organization of industry and commerce the F.I.C.C.I has suggested in its report that 44 out of 414 Airport of India are fully ready to operate flights for regional connectivity. These air fields confirm all the geographical, operational and commercial parameters and meet the fixed standards. Till now 22 states are covered under the ‘uddan’ scheme of the Central Government for regional connectivity.

The FICCI suggested there were 30 more airports perfectly ready and operational to take on traffic operations. The India is fast emerging economy but its civil aviation has yet not gained momentum to match it. There were days when industries were set only in big cities. Now it are being setup any were even in villages where electricity, water and above all land is available.

The country has been opened for foreign direct investments and it require fast air links. Now every district must have an airport and air connectivity. The Aviation can no longer be kept confined and limited up to metropolitan cities and international flights.

For such vast territorial nation in fast moving era network of air services is must. We have also to ensure new rail lines in so many vacant areas for rapid transhipment of heavy hardware and finished goods. In the Nehru era under the spell of nationalization two private sector airlines of Tata and Birla, the Tata Airlines and Bharat Airways were nationalized to form public sector undertaking Air India.

It was bifurcated into Air India for international route flights and Indian Airlines for domestic services. There services after some time incurred so much loss that there were kept floating with budgetary support by the Central Government. The Prime Minister Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao gave up the concept of public sector and reverted back to private sectors.

Now there are five private lines Indigo, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Go Air, and Vistara besides public sector Air India. But only Air India has 41 and Jet Airways has 19 wide bodies planes and all together have 373 narrow body planes. The narrow body planes can only serve as inland regional services and it are not capable of long particularly international flights. India came very late in television and when other nations over to TV.

We remain struck on radio audio listening. In civil aviation also we are very slow. The experiment of nationalization and formation Air India pushed us backward in the aviation sector. The Modi Government has “uddan” scheme but it is for regional connectivity. We urgently need a international carrier also. The Air India is going to double fleet by leasing 100 planes in next four year. The Government has decided that it will not provide any budgetary support any more.

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