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3:11 pm - Wednesday November 22, 8316

AG Conference

The President of India Mr.Pranab Mukherjee said that founding fathers of the Constitution had envisaged prominent role for public audit in our country’s governance and accountability framework. In the Constitution of India the office and set up of Comptroller and Auditor General of India is constitutional office to keep watch on public accounts and expenditure on proper lines.

Its audit and accounts reports are submitted to Parliament to study by its Public Account Committee and debated in the House. It has full autonomy in its workings. Many gross misuse of public funds incidents came to light through the CAG Reports. Recently it were CAG findings the revealed mal and corrupt practices in the allotment of Coal blocs and Spectrum.

Although then Union Minister Mr.Kapil Sibbal tried to belittle the CAG revelations terming it “just an account” but almost all took the Kapil comments with contempt and unworthy of a Union Minister. The Supreme Court in hearing the cases related to Coal Blocs and Spectrum allotment gave full weightage to CAG reports. The then CAG Mr.Vinod Rai fully maintained dignity and decorum of the CAG. After retirement he wrote his memoires titled as “Not Just an Accountant” as a rejoinder and retort to Mr.Kapil.

During the Constitution making the Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and Union Law Minister and Chairman of the Drafting Committee Dr.BR Ambedkar described provision for the CAG is very vital for accountability of public accounts and expenditure. The President Mr.Mukherjee said that at the time of Independence of the country in 1947 the receipts of the Government of India amounted only to Rs.3,706 crores and expenditure to Rs.3443 crores.

Nearly seven decades later in 2014-15 the Government receipts and expenditure have both increased to about Rs.17 lakh crores. This unprecedented growth has led to newer paradigms in public finance management. Now CAG and Auditor General in state have to deal with this gigantic tasks of public funds accounting and audits with update technology in this sphere.

The increased use of technology will also bring speed and accuracy in audit and accounts heavy calculations and tabulations. The Comptroller and Auditor General is seen as the agency which is mandated to keep a watch on economic efficient and effective governance in public finances.

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