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3:21 pm - Monday March 18, 7354

Action Intensified

The Army and police actions against terrorists in Kashmir have intensified and in the latest bout 6 terrorists were gunned at the Bandipora area. One of the killed terrorist was Obaid nephew of Lashkar Taiyba Chief Zaki Lakhvi all the 6 were Pakistani national.

The Modi Government has taken a stand that the Kashmir policy is not a political problem to be talked about with Pakistan. It is outright a terrorist problem and has to be dealt with firm hand by paramilitary and armed forces. With resolute handling almost every day terrorist infiltrating are being gunned down.

The Pakistan is in a fix as talks formula have come to an end and in utter desperations it is sending terrorists there. The National Investigation Agency has blocked Pak funding to hurriat leaders Abu Syed Gilani and his family. His son and son-in-law are in NIA custody.

The armed forces in the field and NIA action against funds have curtailed the stone pelting to a great extend. The former Chief Minister and National Conference Member of Parliaments Mr Farook Abdullah has suggested that the portion of Kashmir held by India and Pakistan be treated as part to that country.

Its easer to say some thing than to implement it. None of the two nation India and Pak will ever agree to it. Pakistan is always playing doubrious role in it. While talking of talk process is it indulging on the terrorism and funding it.

Mr Farooq said that 70 years have passed but the situation in Kashmir as it is. With the blocking of Pak funds the number of stone pelters in the vally have comedown considerably. The NIA traced out that Pak fund were provided to Gilani family of Huriat to recruit stone pelters on salaries and daily payment.

In the winter season generally there is lull in the terrorism but the Indian armed forces have made it quite clear that the operation against terrorist would continue. Till October 170 terrorists have been gunned down in Kashmir.

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