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7:50 am - Friday December 15, 2017


Shashikant Saxena,  Astro-Numerologist




You may savour the moments of spending time with old friends and associates. Don’t spoil your chances by ignoring the guidance of an expert on the academic front. A difference of opinion with spouse over an important matter shows all signs of escalating info something serious. So, try and avoid it. Adding to the wealth is foretold, as cash comes to you from various sources. Take care of your health.


You may need to speed up something that you gad promised to deliver soon. Professionally, there will be no stopping you as go from stregth to strength. Financial front remains satisfactory, as money flows in from past investments. Chances of a friendship blossoming info romance look real. Getting invited to a party is possible. Spirtual endeavors undertaken will bring peace and contentment.


Banking on someone entirely may not be right, so have alternatives ready. You may crave for some more flexibility at work. I mproving situation on the academic front will get you info an upbeat mood. Past investments are set to make your bank balance healthy. Personal work may get delayed due to non-availability of resources. Stagnation in love life may spur you info taking corrective measures.


You may need to retook at some of the decisions you have taken lately. Things going wrong at work may need your intervention, the earlier, the better. Luck will play an important role in getting front. You are likely to realise your potential in something that you are passionate about. Maintaining your level of farness may make you hit the track. Love may come looking for you.


You may have ventured into unknown territory. but expect to learn the ropes fast. An important task is likely to come to you at work. Something you need done on the academic front may not materialise immediately, so hold your horses! Rekindling your love life is the need of the hour. Nip a minor aliment in the bud by taking preventive measure. You get a chance to visit someone close today.


You may find yourself a bit handi – stances, but it will be be a temporary phase. If you are in the mood for travel, there is no better time then this. A project con get underway, but may take a lot of time and energy for completion. Remain cautious while investing to avoid loss. Marketing per sonnet may need to put in extra efforts. Your charm will win over even an off-mood lover)


You may feel elated about a developments happening in the life of someone close. Don’t feel reluctant to express your feeling. Remain professional, even if someone tempts you info doing something wrong. You need to remain alert in the changing scenario on the academic front.


Finding time for something personal may be difficult today. Prospects of buying a piece of property look bright. Your consistent performance at work will help in enhancing your promotional prospect. A change desired by you on the academic front may not be easy. A family get-together is in the offing and will provide an opportunity of meet everyone. Go for a healthy lifestyle.


You may expect someone to help you out, but he or she may have other plans. So, don’t get upset about it. This is a favourable day for completing pending jobs. You can expect wholehearted support of colleagues in an important project on the academic front. A vacation is on the cards for those wanting to visit some place specific.


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