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6:27 am - Friday April 27, 2018

2-G Spectrum

The special C.B.I. Court in a far reaching Judgement acquitted all the 17 accused the Telecom Minister Mr A Raja in the Congress led U.P.A. Government of Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, the Rajya Sabha of the D.M.K. Mrs. Kanimozhi and 15 others of the corporate world of all the charges.

The 2-G case of Rs. 1 lakh 76 thousand crore was labeled as the biggest scam of India so far. At that time the Bhartiya Janata Party was main opposition in the Parliament.

It stalled the Parliament on this 2-G and coal block allotments everyday demanding J.P.C. prove in the 2-G case and ultimately the Government accepted the demand and the J.P.C. constituted. Generally the main feature of any Judicial case and its verdict is either acquittal or convictions of accused.

But in 2-G case judgments the main focus is not on acquittal of all 17 accused but severe observations of the judge assailing the prosecution agency the C.B.I., which on the directive of the Supreme Court investigated the case and field the case in the court.

The judge observed that there was no corruption in it all but all the persons saw massive corruption in it. The prosecuting C.B.I. could not prove a single charge against any of the accused. The judge said “the chargesheet of the case is based mainly on misreading, selective reading, non-reading and out of context reading of the official record”.

The case is related to the granting of 2-G spectrum licence allocation in the year 2007-08 which according to a report by the C.A.G. (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) caused a loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crores. At this time the C.A.G. was Mr Vinod Rai.

The C.A.G. report said that the Ministry of Telecommunication (D.O.T.) instead of auction of the 2-G spectrum adapted the policy of “First come first served”. The spectrum were allotted to favoured few and under and dealing in money suspected. The C.A.G. assessed it had costed the massive loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crores to the Central Government exchequer.

On a petition the Supreme Court cancelled all the 2-G spectrum allotments and directed the Government to auction it and also directed the C.B.I to further probe into it and proceed further.

The C.B.I filed the case against the 17 persons including the Minister of Communication Mr. Raja, Mrs. Kanimozhi member of Rajya Sabha and 15 others under the various provisions the Indian Penal Code (I.P.C) in the Prevention of Corruption Act dealing with offences to criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery, using as genuine fake documents abusing official position, criminal misconduct by public servant and taking bribe.

The Judge said no arguments evidences and document could prove any charge against anybody. Entire case was based on witnesses and even their testimony could not establish any charge. The court pulled up the C.B.I. for such a prosecution case alleging biggest case of corruption while there was no corruption in it. The C.B.I itself do not know what it wanted.

The 2-G case was main issue of the BJP against Congress and its U.P.A Government all the time and main theme in the election to the Lok Sabha in the year 2009.
Soon after the pronouncement of the Judgment the Congress opposition in the Rajya Sabha and its leader Mr Gulam Nabi Azad raised the issue in the House ferociously and there was bedlam in the House and it was adjourned repeatedly.

Mr Manmohan Singh said in the House the verdict proved the political propaganda against his U.P.A. Government was without any foundation. The Congress leaders demanded apology from the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely for spreading malicious and false serious charges against Congress and its U.P.A. leaders.

They even used it as weapon in election campaign. Generally the C.A.G. reports are accepted as it is but it is for the first time that the C.A.G. report in 2-G case was not accepted in this case.

The CBI and CAG itself incurred loss of prestige even of the constitutional body of the C.A.G. The CBI and the Union Minister Mr. Jaitely have declared that they are going in appeal against the CBI court judgment in the Delhi High Court. Obviously in due course of time the case will go up to the Supreme Court.

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